day off

So I’m still in my boxers and a t-shirt at 5pm feeling the stubble on my face. I hope this is just a 24-hour bug. I don’t want to get my cast sick. We have 16 more performances through April 1st. Joseph Yeargain, who is doing a nice job of Bland, is going out to an audition for graduate school in Denver this weekend. Michael Hardart will be taking over for him this weekend. I’ve never really subbed for anybody onstage. I’ve alternated performances but never actually jumped in for a couple of days. Wait, that’s a lie. I jumped in for some children’s theatre in Virginia. I believe that counts. Some people feel you can fake your way through that stuff because kids are stupid and don’t pay attention. I disagree. I can’t believe Joseph gets flown out and has a whole weekend of auditioning there. I guess they really get to know you and find out if it is a good fit.

I feel drunk from the medicine and hope the moment of big clarity comes along today to guide me through tonight’s show. Took the day off today. Cancelled my audition and my teaching meeting. Woke up at 3:30pm. Still groggy. I’m going to go in tonight and fake being well. The show must go on, right? Body aches and chills with stuffy head. Should be good. I run my lines several times to get ready. I wonder sometimes if I’m not developing some weird performance anxiety but then I know that running them so much is what gets me through some nights. I think the best acting advice ever is what Anthony Hopkins said about running your lines 200 times. That’s when they really begin to come out without your concious brain doing the lifting. In this workshop I was taking the other day, the teacher was saying that Jack Nicholson has his assistant show him his lines 5 minutes before shooting. I dunno. Still no review from the Times. I’m just curious. We’re still in previews so maybe they won’t run it until Sunday or Monday. I thought a lot less about reviews before I moved to New York. My dad says he doesn’t pay attention to them. He knows he’ll like a movie by the title and who’s in it.