end o’ the year close-out

I found getting 3 weeks of laundry and then tinkering on Facebook more of a priority than writing my solo. It’s like if you work-out really hard you don’t want to go back to the gym and have more muscle fatigue. My brain doesn’t hurt as much as yesterday.
Reading some accounts by soldiers in WHAT WAS ASKED OF US. A great book of those who have served in the Iraq War. What a mess. If there was a reconstruction plan in place, then maybe it would have been worth it. But I find this one bad long improv. It seems like those profiting from it are the only ones really behind it. And the people who love war.
The central theme of the biggest problem is that the rules we would think those in power and those who have influence should be using are being bent and worked around to a point of absurdity. What is taking the place of governments is super corporations dictating our course of history.
Today’s mud slinging between Obama and Edwards will hopefully have a positive effect with special interests. But a corporation can go overseas and do what they want. Look at Halliburton and where they are building up. I doubt the Houston Hq will last too long or be much more than a dummy establishment after Dubai goes for a few more years.
Then Blackwater is nuts!! One of their contractors (the word they use instead of soldier) got drunk and shot a security guard for an Iraqi leader. He was zipped out of there pronto back to the states so he wouldn’t face Iraqi law. This idea of applying laws and rules only when they work in your favor is schoolyard jungle rules. And I think it will become a way of life if things are not changed about it.
Still working on the first draft as I leave out the door to my director’s New Year’s party. I think I’m a week away from a good one. At least I have the opening and closing done. It’s the other stuff that is BIGGER than me that I have to really wail on now.