set list

Whew! I now have a set list. That’s almost as good as having the show written. I’m kidding. I feel like I’ve committed myself to making this album and I don’t know how to play half the instruments or use the freakin’ equipment in the control room. My head’s all spread out. I’m writing bits on a word document while also playing between index cards and a notebook. I answer messages on my Blackberry, even though I’m sitting in front of the computer bouncing between several websites and downloading stuff like the Army Field Manual. I didn’t realize what a resource is. I thought it was just info on reality tv and what to wear. Sorry. Things are coming at me in different directions. My friend, Chris, from high school sent me a link to an article about people being interrogated as if they are terrorists when all they are doing is coming for a vacation to America. God forbid people do that. Flying is such a hassle. I usually am only annoyed by going to my parents’ place in Florida. We’ll see what happens next month going to London. (Security people please note: even though I’m in my 30s, I’m still a virgin in certain ways.) Another friend, Ethan, sent me a link to a youtube video. Check it out. It gave me an idea for a character I’ve been wanting to add. Thanks Ethan and Chris! I put the video here along with my set list. Now I’m off to read more about the war in Iraq and Blackwater.

Pre-show Recording
1. Jeff
2. Uncle Sam
3. Bush video part 1*
4. Environment Is Fine/Rapture Is Coming
5. Bronx Documentary Movie*
6. Trash Daddy
7. Giant O Real Estate*
8. My Bush’s Goat
9. The Next Top Commander-in-Chief #1*
10. The Old Dilemma
11. The Next Top Commander-in-Chief #2*
12. Patriot Day
13. Interviewee
14. Competitive Eater
15. The Next Top Commander-in-chief #3*
16. Super Man
17. Bush video part 2*
18. Activist
*parts that will be taped.