Obama and Huckabee took Iowa. I was surprised by Obama. It seemed there was more of heated race between Edwards and Obama going there at the end. Clinton was off in her own world. Will it be a Huckabee/Romney ticket verses Obama/Edwards? Early on I had a hunch that it would be an Edwards/Obama ticket. Even before the first youtube debate on CNN. (Can I just say how glad I am that The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are returning on Monday? I was getting a bit conspiracy theorist over the disappearance of all shows to cause a wrench in election truthiness, as Mr. Colbert calls it.)
I guess we’ll be dealing with all the usual election dog wagging and misdirection in the next couple of months. The final results were really close on the Democrat side but the Republican side had results that were over 30 times higher. Am I missing something?

New Hampshire is 5 days away. I think now we’ll begin to see more cracks in the armor of the candidates. I must admit my fondness for Edwards. He’s talking about the things I really care about. Namely, corporate greed killing the heart of this country. A corporation will never love you. It never cares about people. Unless there is legislation to change that (and how could there be?) we are on a bad trajectory. I have become cynical to say the least about politics and what is going on. I do want the veil lifted.

On a more positive note, I began rehearsals for The Scarlet Whale at Metropolitan Playhouse. I get to work again with Dan Evans, LuLu Lolo, Lee Dobson, and Ethan Angelica at the theatre run by Alex Roe. All faces I like to see. I’m playing Nathaniel Hawthorne who is having a “what if” meeting with Herman Melville at Walden Pond waiting for Thoreau to return when a very literate runaway slave enters and things change. It’s part of the Hawthornicopia there. I’ve participated in Poe-fest and the Twainathon so it’s good to be three for three. I do need to get off book asap as we open on the 15th. It’s nice to just be an actor and let other people figure out things.

Back to playwright mode. I’ve been putting off reading more about the Iraq war. Has anybody seen Osama bin Laden lately? It would be great if he turned up and actually fessed up to hitting the towers. I feel gypped. Like coming home to a Dear John letter without the letter.