Everest is Achieved!!!

The first draft is done of American Badass. I ended with writing the “Competitive Eater” monologue. Sort of my desert. The whole thing is a little longer than it should be for the 60 minutes I have at the Frigid Festival. I’m going to send it elsewhere soon for a show in May. I think the subject matter is great and I think I will be tinkering it until I am done doing it. It’s topical but it can be altered to change with times if something happens. I just added the Nostradamus prediction for the competitive eater I forgot. It’s good to have this done. Now I can start doing other things without feeling like it was getting the best of me. Whew!
I’m still reading Scahill’s book about Blackwater. That will probably change things for me. There’s a whole list of things that I am not addressing in this but you can only do so much and I always feel bad when I see something that is trying to be 2 or more plays in one. Like the writer feels like it has to say everything they’ve wanted to say about the world. Then again, I’d take that over hearing the same thing hammered and hammered again and again.
Shit! There’s a real life hostage negotiation happening on my block right now! 15 doors down. Trucks, swat, a guy on a bullhorn. I’ll be back.