Hostage update

After 2 hours of standing on our porch and talking with my downstairs neighbor, Luis, I am back inside keeping warm. Dave or David either has hostages or he doesn’t. Some sites like Gawker have bits of news. People aren’t being allowed on my block. The negotiator on his bullhorn may have stopped for now. I saw swat teams and a few dogs. They have bomb-sniffing robots. That was neat. R2D2. My girlfriend, who prefers to be nameless and not written about in blogland, came down with binoculars. It was like looking at a movie set. The lights made it blurry and hard to make out. I think the 7th Ave area has a clearer view. A woman across the street said her roommate wasn’t allowed in the street to get to her apt. Something will have to give soon. They won’t put up with this during the morning rush.