now the fun begins

I think I may have only one regular reader at this point. To you, my friend, I hope you are now in possession of your Equity card and I apologize for not posting the last couple of days. Unlike last time, the sounds accompanying my blog making is that of a new printer aligning its heads and thunder. The weather has been nice here the last couple of days. On the one hand, hey, it’s a respite from the winter punishment. On the other, apocalypse.

So, had my first reading of American Badass today. No too shabby. I didn’t out and out cringe until the final monologue. There’s a lot of bleak and I need to design a few more laughs in the beginning for variety sake. One of Bricken’s main comments was that I should compress the establishment of the character’s given circumstances and get to the meat of each monologue more quickly. I have about ten minutes to trim from the text, which is good. Cut and don’t paste. Whew!

Damn, this Canon iP4500 sends some smoothe pages through. Big thumbs up!!

I think some of it will change as I find the voices and bodies for all of the characters. I didn’t really think about it and kind of had to take a breath before each new monologue before starting. Some of them were echoes of previous characters I’ve created. Some are new. Some are not fully formed yet. Some are cousins of previous characters. It’s like adding a new member to a town that’s located inside of me.

Now I have to add working up the tech stuff. I have lots of great people working on this and I am truly thankful for that. I also need to start getting the press involved. This means I need to get some kick ass photos. I want to work with Chris Foster a bit on finding the right costume pieces. Since I can’t do full make-up or anything like that, it has to make an impression fast. They have to go on and off fast. They hopefully can do some of the work for me. I’ve always done the Bogosian thing of no costumes, except for when I did Gotham Standards. Less stuff to carry around and made me have to make sharp choices.

I feel surprisingly ahead of the game. I don’t know why. I guess because I don’t normally have a completed script until 2 weeks before I open. Or less. That’s when the cast wants to kill the playwright. It’s tricky to get out of writer head into actor head. And it’s rough going into producer head. He has to work totally separate from the others. He doesn’t like that and he interferes. He says it isn’t good enough or funny enough or no one will care. He sometimes talks for the inner critic. I need to have my producer talk with my inner critic so the playwright can finish and the actor can get down to work. The publicist is just getting back from vacation. He doesn’t always like promoting me either but since I’m his only client, he doesn’t have much choice. I really should get a better producer and a stronger publicist.

Fortunately, I’ve gotten to understand what is and what isn’t riding on this. The outcomes are not as important as doing the work and trying to be clear about it. That’s a huge step in the right direction. I used to have my entire self-worth and hopes for a big career tied into my solo work. I don’t think it was as good as a result. I’ve also gotten a better idea of what the audience pool is for this type of work. I’m in the Kraine, which is the biggest theatre I’ve done my solo work in so far in NYC.

I am wondering if I should have a small set built. Something I can store my costumes and whatever else I need. Something that locks up and folds up and keeps my sanity together when I’m not there during the festival. I’ve done other fests. and found that some people are not necessarily good neighbors in the theatre when sharing storage space is what has to happen. Like a road box that becomes a set. That would be super cool. Someone should be able to make that for me. Maybe. If someone told me what to do at each step of the way, I could make it.

My script really isn’t done. I feel kind of horrible having other people look at it but you have to do that to get it going. Debby is already making up some songs. That’s important. I’ve listened to some stuff hoping to pick some music but I’d rather have original stuff. I asked her if I could re-record the song she wrote for Some Kind of Pink Breakfast. I was off pitch in a bunch of it because I hadn’t had a chance to learn it before we recorded it and singing always sends my anxiety through the roof. If I could conquer that, I’d be President.

Well, New Hampshire was a surprise. I don’t know if this will become about different results in each state. Great for ratings.