fear’s a funny thing

I think I was really nervous about tonight’s show at Metropolitan Playhouse until I got to the theatre. Something about having the unforeseen in front of a bunch of people who don’t know each doesn’t always bring out the best in everyone. I think also anyone who is doing downtown theatre and thinks they are above it or the conditions usually also makes things hell for everyone else in that person’s vicinity. Some people are used to having other do work for them so they only have to do things under their job heading. They can be people without an understanding or appreciation of what other people do under the heading of “work”. I’m stepping lightly around things here but I will say I’ve rarely seen anyone who is an arrogant, selfish, jerk give a good performance.

My good friend, LuLu Lolo, just put out these great videos. Check her out at doing these great character pieces about superstitions. She is like Elvira meets SCTV meets Electric Company. It was great doing her husband’s show tonight. They are the best people in the world.

We had a good crowd tonight-full house-and we killed. That was great for a Tuesday at 7pm show. I was surprised the material played as well as it did. We got a lot of unexpected laughs. Well, unexpected to me. And the audience was delighted and surprised by several things. The trick is not to expect the laughs at the next performance. We have 4 days off in between. Plus we have to squeeze in after other shows and be out quickly. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be in a show that is liked by the audience right off the bat. Most things I’ve been in of late have forced me to do double time to get the audience into it.