expanding the family

Went tonight to have a New York contingent meeting at Under St. Marks for the Frigid Festival. Boy, those Horse Trade People are nice and they have done wonders for that space. I did my first NYC solo there and it was a little grungy. Now it’s truly a wonder while maintaining it’s downtown thang. I got to shake hands with a few people from other shows there. I wish I was more gregarious naturally. I have to remind myself that people like for you to come up to them, especially at these kind of mixers. I get either too nervous or too pushy. It’s not natural for me to meet new people. Mom raised me to fear strangers. There are 30 shows in this festival but 15 are from Canada so they don’t have the support of friends and family coming to see them. I hope to catch most of the shows. I missed most of this last festival due to the flu out of nowhere. I only have that to a limited degree since it’s me and a few people involved in my shows.

The trick to good festival showings is a big cast, a catchy title, a strong hook, a pr person, and maybe someone famous attached. Just like the movies I guess. After the meeting, I wish I had requested that space rather than the Kraine. I like the intimacy but then again this piece needs some elbow room just by the nature of it. I think I’ve forgotten how to play anything larger than 100 seats. My favorite plays in college were done in the black box spaces. It’s just better when the cast and the audience are about to pass out. Maybe my next piece, Green, will work in Under St. Marks. It’s going to be different. More direct, confessional kind of piece.

I set things up on Smarttix. Really great. I added a special discount code (AB12) to give recession pricing (ok, $2 off) for my Friends of Democracy. The producer, who prefers to remain nameless, set up a rehearsal schedule. Wow! Not doing that myself suddenly made this much more of a “real” production. I have to cut off my semi-shaggy Nathaniel Hawthorne hair tomorrow for pictures. Again, more “real” show stuff. I’d like to make some comment about Shoemaker’s children in reference to this but it’s 5am and I can’t make the leap. Basically, the playwright/producer/cast don’t do it all as well as others can. I also want to shout out to Core Theatre Co. who is doing a silent partner contribution to this show. Many more shall hear of the show because of this. Advertising in media.

The work with my kids in the Bronx went surprisingly well today. I did some sociodrama work with them. You take a situation and have them role-play with tag outs for new ideas and ask the audience to supply how they might be feeling in that situation. I got a kid who said he didn’t like being asked to do chores when he is watching tv to play a dad and I played a 10-year-old. Then I switched out when one boy was getting really into the scene and was hopping out of his seat to be in the scene. We looked at what makes a compromise and the aim for the day was “what is anger?” It was going well until I got to the point when I asked them to write a short scene about anger. Then they said I promised pizza. They think they’re supposed to get $40 worth of pizza every 2 weeks. I think I am just beginning to get an understanding of some of them and really getting good writing from them once in awhile.

Well, time to scrounge up what beauty rest I can.