mangling my way along

I sent out an email really late last night about the show to friends on my list. I talked about why I care about the show. I made a link with the word TICKETS. That didn’t work if it was forwarded. I listed all my friends/collaborators with whom I am happy to be working. I left off Samara Bay who is the dialect coach because she wants to be seen as an actress first and not a dialectician. Then I felt like an ass because I was excluding her. So the world should know she is great both as an actress and as a vocal and dialect coach.

Next, I met with George Rand at the Red Room Theatre to take some shots. He’s used to working with people in performance. I wasn’t performance level yet. Or, I should say, at all. The costumes are not done yet. I don’t listen to Chris Foster, the designer enough. I was making a lot of cheesy faces and gestures. I’d like to work with George again for some good publicity shots for general use. He’s a great photographer. I hate headshots. It was like having someone come in and take sonograms of the performance.

Jason Cusato was the recipient of another bad “I have scheduling conflicts” call today for Two Toms. Being in an ensemble comedy of 15 actors must be hell for the director. All things being equal, he needs to farm out the shooting duties of my film stuff for the show but will edit them.

I will worry less when I am off book. I started going slowly again through the script. The nice thing is I don’t need to wait to read off someone else. The crappy thing is all the yadda, yadda, yadda. So then I start to edit a bit. But then I should be acting. It goes back and forth a bit. I want this to be a wince free script. Not a squirm free one but a wince free one. The audience can squirm because of content. The actor shouldn’t wince because of weak lines.