Dirty Snitch

Jalen told Allique to tell me I’m a dirty snitch today. Jalen was not at playwriting club at the public school in which I teach in the South Bronx. After several meltdowns, freak outs, running out of class, picking fights, using obscene language, and demonstrating an inability to go more than 8 seconds without needing constant attention, Jalen was taken out. Hopefully, he is getting good attention and care. He is beyond me. He is the walking embodiment of at risk/high needs youth. When caught in the middle of doing something inappropriate or wrong, he cries and wails, “why do you always blame me?” It comes from deep down and is so sad but is out of touch with the situation at hand. Jalen is a problem during the regular school day. He got in trouble for taking a PSP from a smaller kid in front of that kid’s grandmother. When the grandmother intervened, Jalen put up his fists as though he was going to punch her to take the PSP away. Jalen’s mother is apparently in denial about his behavior. I hope some intervention comes his way before he winds up in Riker’s. There are some good kids in this school but it gets more and more difficult to find them.

We worked on empathy in playwriting club today and read some of the short plays they wrote. A few of them are very creative and well written. We’ll see how they do on March 12th when they read some of these in the auditorium.