Hi Ho It’s off-off We Go

Rehearsals for American Badass are going swimmingly. Aside from not being ready to open tomorrow, it’s going great. Let me say how sweet the people at Roy Arias Studios are. They came down to our floor and took us upstairs because they had booked this stomp group in the room next to us. Without us complaining. That’s service I haven’t seen in years. Room 505 faces out towards 8th Ave. so I had a big billboard of a Burger King Whopper over my head the whole time, which is oddly appropriate for this piece.
We’re going a bit at a time. I recorded the audio parts the other night with Debby Schwartz. She’s a Garage Band genius. She writes some great tunes and she brings this zany but intense energy to the work. I feel bad because she makes some great stuff that has to get chopped down so the show runs a tight 60 minutes. The music she added under the bits I said add 1000%. I wish I could sing so I could join in on the fun but it’s not to be. She wrote a great song for the show and if I have my way, the world will sing it about these times like they did in the ’60s with Pete Seeger or Woodie Guthrie, etc.
Postcards are coming soon. Carolyn rocked them. The lighting designer, Maryvel Bergen, is coming tomorrow night to sit in on rehearsals. I don’t know if I’m ready for other people to see what’s happening. She’ll get a sense of what’s happening but I’m not ready to be performing. I guess in my head I want to be going beyond what I’ve done before but sometimes I have to remember you have to go back some. I always go through a little panic phase where I feel like I’m learning to act all over again. I’m sure there’s some Zen justification for this but it’s rough going through it.
Tomorrow I shoot the film bit up in the South Bronx. I’ve been looking forward to getting this done. For some reason I feel it’s the thing that will get the project out of any Mercury Retrograde weirdness.
I leave next week for London. Bricken goes the week after to Ireland. Rehearsals are going well now. If we could continue all the way to the 28th, it would be awesome. C’est la guerre. I am getting better at planning things but I’m not there yet. My next piece needs to be built and worked on so it’s ready to go before it is accepted into a festival or put up for production. Then again, it’s my way of skydiving. As long as the landing is good, it’s a great rush.
I filmed my first scene for Two Toms on Sunday. It’s a fun set. Jason Cusato, the writer/director, was cool about letting me improv a different button line on each take I did. It’s great to play a stoned character. You have so much liberty to express yourself or do whacky choices. Also, I have these great fake sideburns. It’s been a few months since I’ve done something where a professional make-up person put stuff on my face. I don’t go for facials or other pampering but it’s nice to have someone giving that kind of attention. There’s a little piece of me inside saying how I don’t deserve it. But another part lets it happen.
The crew on the set was great. The DP is a total pro. I haven’t seen anything on the monitors but I know it’s going to look amazing. A great sign came before my scene was shot. Anthony DeVito, who is playing Chief, found (no shit) a rubber chicken in front of the location. It had a bikini and makes this hilariously painful squawk sound when you squeeze it. It’s a shame it’s only a short. Well, it’s 40 or so minutes. It would be good if it had a second half so it’s a full length. Maybe that can happen later after it gets screened at a few festivals.