It is bitter ass cold outside. Walked back from shooting Two Toms at the eponymous restaurant on 3rd Ave and Union St. It’s coming along. Most of it is going fast. It’s amazing how they can do everything on dv. It’s a whole new world from 12-15 years ago. There are some great people on the crew. Scotty is constantly going up and down on the ladder and sweating bullets with the boom. He’s doing four jobs in one. Ray is a sharp dp. He is very concentrated and seems to be smart about the angles he is getting. I don’t know how well I’m handling working in the frame. There’s an art to moving in the camera so you aren’t just a talking head. I don’t know if I’m too big or not. Since my character, Magoo, is stoned I’m just rolling with what feels right. Jason is being cool about letting me improv stuff. The cast is really great. I hope by the time we end this, the film comes out as good as it feels.
We had a long day yesterday and tonight I had to miss the nytheatre podcast interview for Badass because of filming. Fortunately, Bricken went in and talked up the show. They are going to play “Giant O Real Estate”, which she said got lots of laughs. It looks like everything is moving forward. I’m getting better on all the monologues but I’m still in the ugly period. It’s like being a marathon runner stuck in a leg cast. Incredibly frustrating. A couple guys were talking about their best rounds of golf. How it seems like you have everything figured out and how great you think you are. Then how they have never come close to that best round again. I think that is a perfect analogy for performance. I need to run my piece a hundred times between now and the 28th. I’m a little like Fred Astaire. I have to put in 300 times the work a regular person would put in to be good at anything.
This is the time when I run lines on the subway or down the street or in the shower or anytime someone isn’t talking to me. I begin to fear I’ll be a crazy person on the sidewalk one day who slips into a performance and never comes out of it. I won’t be crazy on the inside, I’ll just be trapped into saying these lines that never end but I’m aware of what is going on around me but not be able to communicate it.