I broke my ass

No, seriously, I broke my ass today. I was out in Queens going to a meeting with our contact at the school where I’m going to do a new drama residency. I stepped out of the bus and the road, which is steeply sloped, was icy. My legs went out from underneath me. I didn’t know what had happened when I realized I was half-way under a car that was moving and the driver was on a cell phone. My teaching partner, Tasha, was screaming and waving her arms. The driver was asking me if I was ok before he started yelling at the driver of the car. If Tasha wasn’t there, I’d’ve had my legs completely mashed up. I got up fast and said I was ok just to be out from under the car but I think I got up too soon. I’m still sore but it’s ok. I don’t think it was skeletal.
I got through the meeting and then my first off-book run for American Badass at Under St. Marks. I think I only want to rehearse in that space. It is really great. Chris Foster came to take a look at the costumes. Still have to get a couple of pieces as well as a beer bottle and a putter. Then costumes, props, and set can be checked off the to do list. The postcards came in the other day but they won’t be distributed until next week. Carolyn and I are going to London until Monday. I’m excited because it’s my first visit. I don’t know what we’ll be doing but it should be freaking great. The run was ok but I was in pain and I was caught in figuring out which draft of things I was doing. It’s in decent shape for where we are now. I wasn’t dying by the end of it or needing to gulp copious amounts of water. I did take a little longer in between each piece to change and set up due to the broken ass. Sitting was ok. Standing was fine. The other stuff, not so much. It was great for the old man character, Edwin. I didn’t have to think about how I was doing that physically. The self stage combat work had to be cut tonight.
I got through the first 2 monologues pretty well but Rocco was a bit messy. That was the first one I had feng shui-ed over the weekend. Just like when you move the couch, the monologue is weird and you wind up dropping your remote in unexpected places when you don’t know where you put the coffee table. My Bush impression went well and it seemed to make a bit more of a point than I had expected. I got the voice back for Glenn. He’s the kinky guy who did some torturing in Abu Graib. But I also got lost and so the momentum was a bit hazy. Bob, the Chicago greetings card guy, was good from inside but was messy on the outside. Aasif, the guy who went to Iraq in intelligence and was abducted, went pretty well. I think I have his voice down. I don’t know how much I will have to worry about projection in the Kraine. Not much I don’t think. It’s only 99 seats. It’s pretty warm in there too. Aasif is weak from detention and doesn’t speak too loudly. I’m playing with making the consonants do the work so the audience doesn’t have to work to hear me but I’m speaking as quietly as possible.
I still don’t have my competitive eater, Jimmy “Slaughterhouse” Dillon, yet. Bricken suggested doing karate eating poses and stretches to reinforce the guys personal bigness but his outward lameness at the same time. Eric, the Blackwater contracter, was all over the map. I need to get the path for each character. Once I do that, it will be easier to remember what’s next and to fuel the thoughts and transitions.
Yesterday, I gave an Actors’ Equity pen to one of my playwriting students. He’s the one who tends to take things. I think he’s overlooked quite a bit. He also tells me point blank that he’s stupid and it kills me. What is that? He doesn’t do his homework but he still gets 3s (I guess is the equivalent of a B). No Child Left Behind can kiss my broken ass. I told him he needs to write great things with the pen. That I need him to crank out his baseball play. I hope he writes a bit in his off time for me. I asked him to write a few minutes a day rather than play video games.
We’ve sold 17 of 499 potential seats for the run so far. Drinks are on me. I hope the advertising will kick in and do its job soon. The producer told me not to worry about it because the show is so far off. I talked to Anthony DeVito who’s in Two Toms with me. He does a lot of comedy and said it’s frustrating because people don’t bother to give a courtesy rejection via email anymore. Heck, they don’t even read the email anymore either. I think you get to a certain point and you have to find a way to build an audience for the work you create that goes beyond your personal circles. That’s where the marketing skills kick in or you drown.