The Goods Are Coming

Evan Stulberger delivered an awesome version of the documentary film for in the middle of the show. You can see it below. It really is nice with all the new details. It’s even funny in places. I think I’m going to have things like this all the time. A new era has started. Debby Schwartz gave me the newly mixed cd of all the songs and sound cues. That was great too. Some of it was even laugh out loud funny to me as well. Check number two. There’s a lot of subtle work to it and I’m so glad with how it came along. Now Carolyn is building the slides to go with the sound cues. She had a brilliant idea of having children’s drawings for the Uncle Sam section, which is supposed to seem like me at age six talking about America based on my actually giving a rendition of “America the Beautiful” for my elementary school in first grade. We went through and picked out other images from the internet for a couple of sections. I am looking forward to seeing all of this come together.

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