Pullin’ into the Station

The Frigid Festival comes to a close tomorrow. I have a nice slot of the final show before the wrap party in the Kraine Theater. Should be a hootenanny. I saw four shows last night and four today. I’ll see at least two tomorrow giving me a total of eleven. I should have gone to see others but I couldn’t get into this until the second week. Always a bad move. Then it’s like cramming for an exam. I wish I had seen more shows from out of town. Doing this festival makes me want to do other Canadian festivals and see the other kind of work they do. It’s different and special. There’s another kind of sensibility in their work.
I’ve learned several things doing this festival. I think the biggest is that each production I do needs to have an objective. Something beyond just getting the damn thing up. Also beyond just having people come see it and like it. A good piece of theatre should take people somewhere and ponder things, feel things, grapple with things, and laugh and/or cry like crazy. I’ve opened up a bigger Pandora’s Box than I expected with this piece. Or maybe I should say it’s a larger onions with many more layers to pull away. There’s a lot further to go with it but I did confront some basic fears and, in the end, overcame them. That’s always huge.
Of course, in my heart of hearts, I’d like some wind to get under the show and carry it elsewhere but sometimes you have to keep going out and renting the big fans they use on movie sets to fake storms. “It ain’t fun if you don’t make it yourself. It’s entertainment,” as one character says in the film State and Main.
So, tomorrow night at 8:30pm at the Kraine Theater. Don’t forget to set your clocks forward.