Marching Along

Having a sore throat is the worst for me. It has felt like someone has taken a pneumatic nail gun to my larynx the last 3 days. I can’t imagine losing my voice forever. My grandmother was a major talker and had to have a stoma due to throat cancer, making it impossible for her to talk above a hoarse groan. Like her, I would lose the will to live.
I have a couple of meetings coming up with people to discuss collaborating on creating pieces together. This is exciting because it’s not a way I’m used to working and I hope it brings out new possibilities. I wonder which way we’ll go with things. It seems like so many things are either silly, stupid comedy things or heavy-duty atrocity oriented theatre. Where’s the good stuff that isn’t either? That’s what I’m interested in the most but I don’t know if I’ve found it yet.
My kids at PS 156 read their plays on Wednesday. One kid returned for the first time in weeks. Another one who had a major meltdown and set off all sorts of red flags said hi to me in the principal’s office. He seemed calm and happy so I hope he is being taken care of. I had to go to a training today about being a Mandated Reporter in cases of suspicion of neglect and abuse. I don’t know if this will make things better or worse. I really believe there should be parenting licenses so less children will get messed up. And I feel strongly that we should cut this No Child crap, assess kids properly, and let the kids go to more of a vocational program rather than high school. The ones that don’t want to be there should be let go. I know I would have preferred leaving early to pursue my career.
One might argue that children aren’t capable of making decisions like this. To them, I say please spend 3 months in a middle school in an urban area. Most of the kids I know are really clever and sly but are poor students. They haven’t been given the proper rigor. So maybe something else should be done. Or maybe it’s an ongoing battle.

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