5th Anniversary/First Day of Spring

My accountant remarked how chilly it was today coming into his office. I just read that first sentence over and laughed. I went to Don Robinson today to have him go over my taxes. It was quick and painless because he sent excel spreadsheets clearly labeled and set up to do calculations of Medicare payments, etc. How sexy is that? All I know is I’m getting a full refund this year. Huzzah! Combined with Bush Bookend Rebate (like having an alcoholic relative visit too long and make up for it by giving you a little gift) I should be able to go on vacation. By myself. In Coney Island.
We’ve hit the fifth anniversary since invading Iraq. That’s longer than the Gulf War, World War 1, War of 1812, World War 2, or our Civil War. We’ve 1.2 million US military personnel over and have spent $500 billion so far on it. At least 100,000 Iraqis have been killed. I think we’re all walking around with this hope that something will change after the elections because the hostages were released before Reagen became President.
It’s been a frustrating and depressing time lately. I rested my hopes on change happening when Ringling Bros. had the elephants walk last night into MSG from Queens. I went to the elephant walk at midnight a couple of years ago thinking there would be a certain romance to it but they were late and came hauling in at 40 mph. There were all these angry people screaming about the mistreatment and cops were holding everyone at bay. It was over in less than 2 minutes and that was with me running an avenue length to keep up. I understand now lots of captive elephants get pissed off and that the ones up in the Bronx Zoo are going to be the last. For some reason, I always feel a psychological bounce when one of the circuses is in town. I don’t go to them often but I just feel better knowing they are there. Something about the thrills, joy, astonishment, and good cheer makes me feel 5 pounds lighter.
I heard from Woody Harrelson (not personally) that 8 meals are in our colons at any given time. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been sick lately but I’ve been having this thing of eating more fiber and cleaning my face. My sleeping habits have been less than desirable since starting on American Badass. Mike Roche, a fellow actor and teaching artist colleague, suggested I take it to Edinburgh this summer. I don’t know how that works. I understand there are 1800 shows happening in one month there. That’s FringeNYC times nine! Well, I suppose there are all kinds of Mt. Olympuses to conquer and that is now on my list.
I’m going tonight to see the show on at Metropolitan Playhouse. It’s set in World War I and was written about 10 years ago but talks about waterboarding and other torture methods still in use today. There’s a lot of things I’ve missed lately and want to catch up on.
Tomorrow I have two creative meetings to kick around ideas for starting new projects. That’s fun and exciting. Then I’m going to the Dramabookshop for a signing of Plays and Playwrights 2008. My girlfriend (who doesn’t like to be blogified) is published in that with her play Antarctica. Super great play with 2 humdinger roles for young women and a white bear. Also, it’s always good to see the Dentons who have revitalized the indie theatre scene in NYC.