Scotland or Bust

My friend and colleague, Mike Roche, put a bug in my ear a couple of weeks ago to take American Badass to the Edinburgh Festival. I just registered on the website, which is fifteen pounds. After tooling around I know I am very behind in being ready. The big things are getting a venue and, of course, marketing. I am determined to go. I feel very peaceful and at ease over this decision. I want it. I have a very self-contained, easily transferable show that will gather a boatload of interest there. The trick is there are 1800 performances going on that month in that town. It is THE SHOW. The World Series meets the Olympics. I can’t self-produce. I have a deadline of April 16th to be in it but I need to find a producer in the next 7 days or there is no way I could possibly go. This is where I pull up all the stuff I’ve read about attracting good things. I’ve opened an invisible door inside because I truly believe in this happening. Stay tuned. Oh, and if you want to back a cool show please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you.