Can He See or Is He Blind

I went yesterday afternoon to catch the 2:30pm screening of Iron Man at the Cobble Hill UA Cinemas. I don’t have many rituals but catching the superhero movies on opening weekend is one of them. Except for the Fantastic Four. Doing the Friday matinee was great. The room was mostly middle-aged African American men and their moms. The teens next to me left early. I guess they had to show up someplace to cover skipping class.
The movie is great. The most mature superhero movie made so far. Downey is amazing. And I think the whole thing is such a great metaphor for what we should be trying to do with the war. I think the statement is that tragedy and atrocity must hit home personally and directly to really call people to legitimate ethical action. Having Tony Stark with a sack over his head for half-second before the opening credits punched all of this home for me.
America has played both sides of the fence and certain members have profiteered for too long. Now it’s coming home to roost. Hopefully the Iron Man in each of us will come out to make it better for everyone.