Another Day in the Big Apple

Met this morning with a pr person from London, Valerie Potter. A lovely English woman who got into this through managing bands and then doing music journalism. She was in town to interview Judas Priest for a Japanese magazine. I think that’s really cool. Where do you sign up for that day job? She said things changed a lot in ’99 with the internet really catching on.
She said it was smart of me to wait until next year to go to Edinburgh. That was a relief. I felt like I made Sophie’s Choice badly. I had mentioned the idea of going to the UK before to get some steam going but she said it is better to use Edinburgh as a key to the people over there rather than the other way around. She represented One-Man Star Wars Trilogy, which is touring Australia and New Zealand now. He went to Edinburgh with a lot of steam underneath him and a subsequent tour lined up but added a few venues as well as a West End run that was brief.
Met up with Tasha to keep working on our play, now titled Devious Potion #5, for the students in Bayside. She had to go into Sephora for a few things. I waited outside. Ran into Abraham Sparer, a very talented clown, who was doing some extra work on The Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3. Then Bloomberg was on the island in the middle of Times Square with The Police, who donated a $1 million for the Million Trees Project. Sting looked homeless and stood on the other side of the stage from Andy and Stewart. They received keys to the city. We need more trees the air here failed the test for the Lung Association.
Been thinking about what I am going to do next. I received fiscal sponsorship for American Badass from Fractured Atlas. My first win in a couple of months. This has been a big time of rejection both as an actor and as a playwright. I think I’m squirreling them up for summer. It makes me stronger. I’ve been frustrated lately. I like working; it’s the struggling that can be so exhausting. Of course, that’s where the rubber meets the road.
I’ve been refining my plan and streamlining my goals. I have three full-length plays that are working their way out of me. One new solo performance. American Badass is getting an overhaul to be submitted for theatres and colleges around the country. I’m also going to push the indie film and voice-over thing too. All of that equals time, time, time.
This is where you have to call on your persistence and patience. I was reading about the difference between ego and self-esteem. Ego wants more. Self-esteem doesn’t need any outside affirmation.

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  1. JellyKean says:

    wow good for you for going after things. I’ve been worn down lately and it is always a challenge for me picking what to focus on. Congrats! on American Badass wins are so important for the spirit.

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