After Hours

There’s been quite a few weird bumps on my road lately. I’ve had my head down and have been swimming furiously back and forth. The kids I’ve been working with in the South Bronx finally wrote a great play. I posted it here earlier. They had begun working on performing it. Then it was shut down. I can appreciate how it might be a little racy but, really, it was looking at the world around them and asking what to do about it. Fighting the status quo and feeling a little hopeless in the never-changing cycle of verbal chaos. Considering these were 10-year-olds and only one of them would pick up a pen and write back in November, this is a long way to go.
They rewrote it to keep the intent going without people in the audience feeling singled out but it is still too controversial to be staged at their school. I went through hell within myself trying to reconcile what to do. Any decision would send a bad message to the kids. At the end of the day, I don’t want to teach anymore. You get kicked from all sides. I guess I’m finally feeling like I’m finding my voice as an artist and I don’t ever want the light to go out in anyone I teach. Some refuse to let their light get turned on but for the others….
The saga of the film Two Toms continues. We’ve been shooting the last two weekends in the Jurek Funeral Home in Sunset Park. It’s a weird spot. Like out of a David Lynch flick. Wood paneling on the walls. 32 flavors of Jesus everywhere. Last Saturday, we shot in one viewing room. A nice lady was laying in an open casket in the other room for a ceremony the next day. I was there 8 hours. Many tempers flared. I think the movie will turn out well from what I saw in the monitors. I don’t know where Jason got most of his extras, probably friends and family, but they looked great in this. Nick, who is playing the priest, is excellent. I hope I’m keeping what I do within the frame. I went for a couple of late drinks at the Dram Shop followed by a dawn cap at another bar that was only letting in people who knew people. The curtains in the front were pulled shut. I was informed by two cast members there were guys there who might start a fight with me just for not being a regular because “they’re dicks”. I found something like that difficult to believe.
Then I was assaulted Wednesday while it was still daylight on 11th St., near Webster Hall. I will write more about it tomorrow.