Dehydration Can Be Fun

I’m done with tech rehearsals for East Village Chronicles 5. I like doing work at Metropolitan Playhouse but the space has a few charming quirks. First and foremost, a serious lack of air conditioning. It was good to see the shows coming together. Maryvel Bergen is doing a great job with the lights. Fortunately, Brian Taylor is board op. He has the fastest reflexes in the East.

It was just hot in there. Not so much that you’d break a sweat but right at that tipping point where you begin to glaze. Need to hit the salt and the Gatorade to keep up with things.

It’s great to be working on 2 comedies. I haven’t done many. Most stuff I do is dark or weird or very serious. There’s comedy in it. But they aren’t comedies. I suppose people might argue that I’m not doing comedies. I don’t know. There’s some laughs if they’re cooking.

I put up an event on Facebook and have already received more not attendings than attendings. Usually, they’re the people new to the site who feel they must put that in like it’s Evite. It occurred to me today that the internet isn’t real. The virtual world isn’t real. i just checked my Blackberry to make sure I didn’t miss any emails while I wrote that last thought.