The Other Team’s Playbook

I was recently contacted by an old classmate from NCSA, Tom Juarez. He has a great blog called Diary of an Obsessive Progressive. It covers what’s happening on the elections, etc. I wrote him back to thank him for contacting me but then started on this screed about how must watch what they are doing on the Right. I think for us to be on top of the game, the “lazy fiddle-playing left” needs to be all over them. This means watching Fox News and reading the Post. Getting on their websites and blogs and pulling their weeds before they have a chance to grow.

McCain seems like a decent guy. An uncle or grandfather you might disagree with but around whom you will have a pleasant time. I just don’t believe the Big Lie Machine of the Republican Party. They will continually bend the rules. I was just playing with the idea in my head of having an impartial group working like referees and keeping score. Of having them see how many times each candidate goes below the belt or cheats in some way. But unlike organized sports, politics doesn’t have such things in place.