One Door Closes

I sent off my final timesheet for Queens Theatre in the Park. Put away all the markers, crayons, and worksheets. Washed out the big mixing bowl I taped on the back of one boy to create a hunchback under my brown sweater. Yesterday was the final performance for my kids out at QTP. It went fairly smoothly. Only a couple of them were hysterical before going on. Received a few comments that the show made sense and people laughed at spots in it. A video was recorded to send to David Wright’s people with the Mets. A child wanted to write him in the play and QTP tried to get him in the show. I guess he’s busy playing baseball across the park. So I was his understudy and went on for him. I guess I should put this on my resume. Great title: Devious Potion #5.

But now all the teaching duties are done. I’m taking a break from doing that kind of work. I love it but it takes huge chunks out of you. Time to get back to focusing on the acting and the writing.