Getting Caught Up

I’m doing what I can to put off cleaning the apartment. My arms are worn out. I’ve been to the gym the last three days and last night I was on a boat ride out to the Statue of Liberty from 23rd and FDR. I guess between the lifting, the Life Cycle, and firmly gripping anything for stability last night, I really wore my forearms out.

I was watching the news while life cycling today. This is like a skywalker or whatever you call ’em. You use the arm sticks to swing back and forth for greater pain. I did almost 5 miles in half an hour. I guess if I can get to 10 in an hour, I might be fit enough for marathon training. I would like to do one in the next two years.

Anyway, on the news they were showing the flooding in the midwest. There was a cornfield covered in water for 7 miles. The Paramount Theatre in Iowa City was wreaked. It’s an old vaudeville jewel that holds 1800 and has one of 30 Wurlitzer organs in it. There were three pigs stuck on the roof of a barn with water all around them and they were getting severe sunburn. They said you could see pigs floating belly up all over the place.

The Red Cross is out of money and borrowing to take care of things. America is out of money for oil and borrowing from foreign lenders to buy foreign oil. We need to decrease our populations worldwide and convert most of our cars to electric engines. Most cars drive less than 30 miles a day. Electrics can handle that. It’s gettin’ too nutty out there not to take these steps.