Irreverence for Mr. Carlin

I started my temp assignment at the New York Times today at the picture desk. The building is light sensitive so it lowers the blinds and has these apertures in the middle that flap one way or another so the light level stays the same. The people are nice and seem to treat everyone decently. They might be busy but they don’t bark at the underlings, which is good since I’m kind of oldish to be starting at the ground level. Or, well, on the fourth floor. The younger fella who was training me today asked if I wanted to write for the paper eventually. Honestly, that thought never crossed my mind. Maybe? I just want to pay off all my solo performances and buy into every union I’m qualified for so I can buy more auditions to buy the chance to meet more people who will allow me to buy my dreams. Then I want to save.

I don’t know how all this will work with me wanting to audition up into a higher level of acting work, you know, the kind that pays. One that one might call a career. I guess I can move forward more with the writing. Then again, the economy sucking as it does might mean this is the smartest option anyway as I would wind up in some service industry job that’s nothing but a negotiation with the voices that say the Brooklyn Bridge looks best when falling from it. For now, I’m going to go with the flow. I have to say it was weird being in a world of real adults.

Most of the time I was there, CNN was on. Aside from the abysmal news that there’s more racism in our country-please people grow up!!-George Carlin’s passing was mentioned numerous times. I saw him live twice. My dad took me to see him when I was in college and a girlfriend took me ten years later. Same venue: War Memorial Auditorium in Greensboro, NC. He looked much healthier in the mid 90s than in the mid 80s, though he seemed to have a harder time connecting his more serious thoughts with the baffled audience. The first time he did his 20-minute version of an incomplete list of impolite words. The second time he only did a little bit from a file of words from one letter of the alphabet. He did a long track on how we could get rid of violent criminals and reduce the national debt by putting up walls around the four square states and throwing them in to fend for themselves. Then, we open the gates once a month for thirty second and show the results as a pay-per-view event. Or, we bring back old-style executions for violent crimes and broadcast that for a premium.

Beats us being at war.