Takes One to Know One

So Bush said Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe‘s election is illegitimate. That’s the gum calling the Wookie chewy. We’ve been living in a junta for 8 years. I laughed out loud when I saw him say that today. Some say Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon because he thought he was Lennon. I guess Bush is mad because Mugabe doesn’t give a shit and actually tells the world he thinks he has a divine right to be in charge.

Presidents really age when they’ve been in office 2 terms. Clinton looked like he could be his own father when he left office. Bush looks like his own shifty uncle. The one you keep away from the children and spiked egg nog during the holidays. I truly believe he will disappear after Jan 20, 2009. I wonder if the next hyperneocon dictator takes over if we’ll have to deal with violence if we vote him out.

Sorry folks, it’s Saturday night and I left a party early after eating something gross in the form of a grilled item and then watching people deep fry Oreos, Nutter Butters, and goat cheese. This weird orgy of food-to-death ingestion plus a backyard filled with smokers made my tummy turn.