I Dunno

Obama has changed his position on FISA. He said he would filibuster a bill on it. Now it looks like he’d go soft on the telecommunication companies. I guess we can’t all be perfect. Does this mean he’s moving to the center after one 20-minute call with Bill Clinton? I dunno.

I read both parties have been talking with Colin Powell. I read an opinion that Bloomberg should run for both veeps in a show of post-partisan action. Then I had this weird gong go off in my head that Obama and McCain would sit down and figure out how to run together.

Had my audition for the short film this evening. The screenwriter/director was a charming woman. She seemed to like me but said I have an earnest look about me. Does that mean I’m not right for it? I dunno.

Need to get out to get signatures to get my friend Adam on the ballot for Congress but I need to get them from people who live in the 8th District. Or do I? I dunno.

Read a scary article on Rush Limbaugh. He really is the nerve center for most of what I don’t believe. Will he change things? It seems he has this policy of jobbing out the insults on Obama so he isn’t painted a racist. My feeling from reading it was that he is one but he’s smart enough not to get caught. If did an Imus, that really might be the tipping point for the whole election. I also got the feeling he was never loved enough.

Got a 3-day weekend thanks to starting an early work week. What will I do to celebrate my undeniable patriotism? I dunno. Maybe I’ll see if I can get rush tix to November. It’s closing on the 13th. I’ve already kicked myself enough for not seeing August: Osage County.