Odd Confluence of Coinkydinks

Each day now 3 or 4 coincidences or conjurations happen to me. Most are small and would be barely noticeable but now I’ve got my radar up. This would be the time to hit a roulette wheel.

I had some time between work and the Reverie Production Playwriting Contest winner announcement at NOHO Gallery so I went to the Village. As I walked along, I swear I passed Leonard Cohen, whose pictures I was just looking at for the concert in his honor a few days ago in Montreal. Maybe it was a professional Leonard Cohen impersonator. I hear they make a lot of money and are in high demand here. I kid.

Then, I was scribbling my fool head off when I looked up and saw the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Doug Hughes, having a meeting a few tables away. It was like most meetings I see my theatre friends have putting up their indie work, he just had nicer glasses.

So I start north on 7th Ave. and out of nowhere I decide to pull into the Gourmet Garage. They had a sign for grab-n-go sushi. But when I go in, I’m not looking for sushi. I wander through the tight, angular aisles towards the cash registers and go to the far one where I see my friend Nellie from my Creative Arts Team days. I haven’t seen her in two years. So we caught up and I walked her a few blocks before heading up to the contest event.

I wrote about this teacher I wasn’t too happy about during my grad school days and then my mentor mentions him as a joke in an email. The list goes on but I need to hit the hay. 6am is coming too soon.