Win Some Lose Some

I was very pleased to find out that 600 Starbucks were closing in the US. Seeing several Barnes and Nobles close in NYC made me wonder what will happen to us all because of the gamma-ray struck real estate market. Then that dipped. When Big Box falls is that good news or bad news for Mom and Pops? My hope is that it’s a signal that the corporations aren’t able to sustain themselves. I love that the symbol for Starbucks is called The Siren.

Why do tea drinkers think they’re so much better than coffee drinkers? Why are latte drinkers (male or female) such bitches? How did The Siren know that they could hook drug and alcohol addicts with their 900 calorie Strawberries ‘n’ Cream Frappucino? (It does indeed have more calories than a Big Mac. Take that heart attack.)

So if The Siren going back to sea is the good news here comes the bad. Yesterday, I received an email about the formation of a new performance school. I get offers from several organizations because they all lure suckers with the vague promise of bringing fame and fortune. Some are for credible classes. This one was for what I will call the Superhighway to the End of Civilization or SEC. It’s for the New York Reality TV School. I genuinely hope when the dipwads who are involved in this do go to hell, the turd they smoke will be endless for the all the bullshit they are creating by doing this little moneymaking endeavor. I won’t say it’s on par with a sign of the apocalypse but it does make me nauseous enough to want to slam on the world’s brakes so I can settle my stomach at the Rest Stop of the Universe.

Call it the Neocon Fuckin’ Performance Lab. “Check your shame at the door” should be their motto.

Now it goes one step deeper at the intersection of make-over tv, capitalism, and what effects us all. McCain replaced Rick Davis because of his faltering campaign. Who did he get to pull him up? Steve Schmidt. From Bush’s 2004 campaign. The one where the veteran who actually served our country was made out to be less patriotic than the ultimate slacker, C student, Yale graduate, cowpoke, drug binging, dipshit, never-served-national-reservist, George W. Bush.

The gloves are going to come off. They pushed McCain. He won’t run a gentlemanly campaign anymore. We’re pulling out from Dignityville so get one of those big 15 cup Starbucks jug o’ brews, if you can find a location near you. The reality tv show that will now be this fight for our country will begin.

A friend posted to me yesterday wondering why there can be no ambiguity in our politics. Because Rome is doing a coffin drop into one dry-ass pool folks. The New York Public Library has a display going on with original documents from Thomas Jefferson. I wonder if it’s not time to break off from this country and form a new democracy. Except democracy didn’t do so hot so we should call it something else. How about Peanut Fudge? I don’t know. There isn’t much left to colonize on this planet. It doesn’t look too appealing to go off this planet yet. So I guess we need to take care of things here. Shit. Isn’t it easier to buy new Tupperware when it molds rather than clean it and wonder about that weird phantom smell?