Short Plays and Shorter Tempers

I went last evening to help my friend Adam Sullivan get registered Dems to sign a petition to put him on the 8th District Congressional Ballot. Fascinating process. In Washington state, you simply pay a fee. In New York, you must get 1250 signatures even if you’ve already served in the position. Then the opposition might challenge the signatures so you really need 4000 signatures to be in the clear. Adam is running a shoestring campaign from his apartment. It was inspiring to see someone start from the premise that they believe the Constitution should be upheld. Apparently, Yvette Clarke, my congresswoman here in the 11th District, is the only one who has shown support of this with her voting. Go Yvette!

What killed me was how many Democrats passing the Fairway grocery store on Broadway and 74th St. wouldn’t stop or acknowledge us. People in Obama shirts grunting and huffing by us. Granted, it was Saturday evening. I guess most New Yorkers think they’ll get hit up for money or have to be put on some mailing list. Or have their inboxes flooded.

Most of the people who stopped to talk were either Republicans who think the President has done nothing that violates the Constitution or crazy people who really should get professional attention. One guy stopped who said he would NEVER vote for Adam over the current congressman, Jerold Nadler, but he believes everyone who wants should be able to get on the ballot. You gotta respect that.

2 hours = 10 signatures. Going out again later. Looks like rain the next few days.

Carolyn, Yusef, and I saw Kevin R. Free in the New York Neo-Futurists Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. It was an incredible experience. They do 30 short plays in random order decided by the audience in 60 minutes. Then they roll a big die to find out how many they will cut and replace with new plays. A mind melting evening of high intensity, humorous work. Looks like that would be a hardcore workout for writing and acting. Go see it at the Kraine. If they sell out, they buy pizza.

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  1. erica says:

    Thanks so much for coming to our show and posting such a flattering blog about us. If you or anyone reading this wants to boost your writing/performing/directing we neos are having a workshop that starts this saturday. Check out to get in! Again, thatnks for the post, any friend of Kevin is a friend of mine!Love,erica at nynf dot org

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