Half-Broken Watch (or Is It Twice As Broken?)

There’s an old saw that says a broken watch is right twice a day. After telling my Dad I started temping at “The Old Gray Lady” he told me to be careful of the liberal bias. In an effort to prove I can actually write something in favor of W., I dedicate this post to the one thing he has done that I am 100% behind.

Ending human trafficking.

Yes, it is true there is slavery happening still today. While the obvious forms were abolished years ago, there are still pockets of the world that keeps human beings in servitude. And I’m not just talking about wage slaves or rent-control slaves. I mean real slaves. People who do labor or clean house or perform sex acts. It is real. It is horrible. It should be ended.

These aren’t the Ashley Alexandra Dupres of the world. These are poorly treated, starved, beaten, impoverished, damaged women who are usually young and taken advantage of for one reason or another.

I’m glad W. signed the H.R. 972, Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act back in ’06.

We should be protecting the weak. Children should be allowed to be children.

Men who go on sex holidays should be subjected brown eye-for-a-brown eye for all the terrible things these troglodytes have done. The pimps should be sent to war.