There’s been some comments since I put in my two cents’ worth of ideas on the nytheatre i blog about the League of Independent Theatres. One seemed to come from a deep place of “why bother” and “what’s in it for me/don’t mess up what I want to get out of it”.

I saw a picture of Christopher Reeve today on the cover of a biography about his life with Dana. They are holding each other. It looked like it must’ve been just before his accident.

I think about how strong and brave that man really was to go through what he did and persist. To never give up. He became an activist and he worked to breathe without a respirator and did gain limited mobility. He made public appearances, guest starred on shows, and directed a movie! An impossibility after such a spinal chord injury. If the sepsis hadn’t triggered cardiac arrest, that man would probably have kept going until he willed himself back on his own two feet or talked the right people into doing the ethical thing in research.

I think as far as theatre is concerned it is time to circle the wheelchairs and respirators. We have to will ourselves to walk again!