Ben Bernanke said things are taking a downturn. W. said everything is ok. That your savings are safe. Why does that worry me? It’s like the manager of the restaurant is telling us the food will be out shortly when there’s a fire in the basement, health inspectors are writing up the place for roaches, and the dishwasher is having unsafe sex in the walk-in.

There’s some talk about another stimulus package. I guess people with real problems find that $300 isn’t that much anymore. It’s like having a relative buying the kid’s affection with a dollar for an ice cream. The kids need to pay for mortgages and/or get their lives back in order now.

Now it’s Congress saying we need another stimulus package. Stop the madness.

We’re 9 katrillion dollars in debt. This means, I believe, Antarctica has more money than our country will have for a long time. They’ve drunk every drop from the liquor cabinet and are trying to keep the party cool with promises that Joe Bob will be back with a keg or two soon.

I don’t think we’ll be the kind of superpower we used to be and that’s ok. Who wants to stay the biggest bully at school? I do think our actions and our diplomacy in the world are what will set us apart, if we choose to go that way.

Schwarzenegger said this week he would be interested in serving on the cabinet of either Presidency. He also said people should be allowed to have an opinion that changes. That flip-flopping is getting a bad rap.

I have to agree. I don’t always need to agree on every single issue with someone but I pray that we get someone who will have the wisdom to see something is bad and change their mind about an issue or policy. That our leaders will say they made a mistake and work to fix it.

Whose money are we getting when we get these stimulus packages?

Robert Rodriguez must be shaking his head. He wrote Rebel Without a Crew about making his first feature for $7000. His thing is that Hollywood throws money at problems. Lots of it. He throws creativity at them instead.

When he got to the studios, they gave him a big office with a lot of extras including a nice place to live. He asked if he could take the money for the dwelling instead. They said sure. Then, because his office was huge and had a bathroom with a shower, he moved into the office and put his brother through college with the money for the house.