The Weight-ing Is the Hardest Part

Had an amazing meeting today with John Clancy. Great head on his shoulders about where the League of Independent Theater is going. He’s kind of like a water witch. I’d imagine it would be wise to dig wherever he points. Also, he’s kind of like the older brother I never had.

Then I hit the gym hard again today. After I finished, I went over and weighed myself on the old-fashioned doctor’s scale they have there. In spite of weeks of putting in time almost everyday, I couldn’t figure out why why why I can’t drop down any further. I’m not overweight but I do want to get a little closer to my fighting weight for my health and state of mind.

Even though I’m on my no reading week with Artist’s Way, I pulled out a Village Voice from the red plastic bin as I sweated my way back up 9th St. I noticed that the VV seems to have shed quite a few pounds after being taken over by the corporate publishing giant. Then I flipped to Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology. Leave it to him to put it all in timely perspective.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
“Dear Rob ‘Fat-Burner’ Brezsny: I used the Sweet and Sassy Toner video and lost only two pounds in five weeks. I tried the No More Love Handles program and actually gained weight. The only thing that really worked was your column. Reading your horoscopes has, I’m convinced, been responsible for bringing me much closer to having my dream body. You’ve helped me jettison a ton of psychic fat, not to mention a wad of guilt, a load of concern about what other people think of me, and a mass of remorse about the past. I never realized how much of my extra weight had to do with psychological burdens I was carrying. This is the lightest I’ve ever been! Grateful Virgo.” Dear Grateful: Give yourself credit, too. It has been courageous of you to get rid of your unnecessary buffers. By the way, this week will be the climax of the shedding process. Celebrate your success by emptying out even more.

Kinda spooky, huh?