Just Smile

It hit me Wednesday that I’m done already with seeing Heath Ledger’s image everywhere. I saw this huge billboard with his face. After I got out of college, I spent two years all in a few crappy weeks of June ’93 working at this movie theater in Greensboro that was showing Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story . There’s a nightmare sequence in which Jason Scott Lee (no relation) as Bruce Lee screamed, “BRANDON! RUN!!” It always made me have a chill because he had also already died in real life.

I ducked in there as soon as I was off Indecent Proposal duty. Still that was better than picking up knives and 40s off the floor after the screening of Posse.

Tangent: I’m 97% a peacenik but I wanted to give Stephen Baldwin a glass jaw when I saw him back then. Guess what? I still do now.

I’m doing what I can not to read or hear reviews for this movie. I’ve only seen one that was so-so. All others have been downright frothy. Hard to tell when you are reading with your hands covering your eyes.

It is something to watch a performance when you know that actor is deceased. That’s part of what holds magic to me when I see flicks on AMC or TCM. It especially holds true if the actor leaves it all on the court, as they say.