Blue Is the New Brown

Sometimes I see them patrolling the subways. Yesterday I saw a couple of them answering a call from their cruiser. Maybe it’s a part of a new initiative. I don’t know but suddenly I’m seeing more women of color dressed in police uniforms. They’re beautiful and they’re armed. They don’t look like some of the scary school security guards, traffic cops I’ve seen, or the pioneers in the picture above. In short, they could be doing for beat cop blues what UPS men once did for their uniforms.

I was rushing through the 42nd St. station by Port Authority today when I saw a bigger guy in hip hop clothing walking with his hand on the arm of another guy who had his hands behind his back because they were in cuffs. That man was holding back some tears. He didn’t seem malicious but you never know. I got the sense he was trying to lift something. I imagine there will be more of that during this economy.

I’ve heard stories of people stealing other people’s gas. I wonder how close to really desperate we are as a society now. I guess it’s a good thing the NYPD is getting prettier just in case it gets uglier out there.