Daddy’s Got a New Love

I received the news via email yesterday. It was a shock to me. A surprise I didn’t see coming. I was kind of angry then I tried to figure out what I did to cause it. Could I have prevented it?

The Artistic Director of a company to which I belong left. Abruptly. Because he is going to be the Artistic Director of another company.

To a degree I can understand and I can only wish him well. But I seesaw with questions of why he couldn’t have done whatever he will be doing with them with us. It probably isn’t for me to comprehend. My guess is that it has to do with the sensibility of them over us and the fact that the other group seems to have things on the ball as far as producing work goes.

We have been stuck in the mud and spinning our wheels so much you can smell the smoke in Oklahoma City. But isn’t that the job of the AD to steer things so this doesn’t happen?

I’d be lying to say I wasn’t hurt and puzzled. I know we were knocking horns at times but this was so out of left field. If it were me, I would do something to bridge the two groups. But it’s not me and I feel rejected.

I guess this will mean we either move on to a new phase with the potential for growth or let it all go to the four winds. No one’s made a noise so far.

That could be the answer to all my questions. I’m curious about what will happen.