McCain’s Position

After a slow start, the DNC Convention ended on a high note with a rousing speech by Mr. Obama. The man exudes leadership and wisdom. Taking the issues out of it for a moment, he has 100% what we need for a leader at the moment to take us out of this death spiral. (I agree with everything except for some of the fuel alternatives but there aren’t truly perfect answers on that one.)

Did you see McCain’s ad wishing Obama well? I don’t know. Something about it strikes me as odd. On the surface it seems nice enough but my initial gut was there’s a seething jealousy and anger to it. Part of it was the historical aspect of the event plus the “I’ll see you outside the bar” with reinforcements tone.

So the next day he picks Sarah Palin out of seemingly nowhere as his veep choice on the week of the 88th anniversary of women’s suffrage. It’s to take care of some problems: distancing himself from W, even though he still carries a 65% approval among conservatives, and to pick up the disenfranchised and bitter Hillary supporters.

I think Mr. McCain has a difficult ride ahead. I don’t care about the polls. They’ve proven at this point that they serve mostly to push anxieties and to shift the focus of the campaigns. His message is already changing. The words are sounding more and more similar to what the Democrats have been saying about changing things. But he needs to stick to what has happened previously. Plus I think he HATES Bush for the relentless way Bush handed him his dignity in 2000 after McCain took New Hampshire by going after his family. He looks desperate to me and he is playing to win the election, which is how Gore and Kerry lost. Obama is playing this time and place in a greater sense and talking like he already has it.

My heart was in my throat when they played Van Halen music to announce Palin. They were not happy about it and said they should’ve used Twisted Sister instead.

I understand Bush and Cheney will NOT be attending the Twin Cities Convention to avoid the “he’s just like them” argument. This is going to be a tough time for McCain as he bristles against all the make-over attention trying to win this thing. Why does he want it other than that it would be a crowning achievement? Obama has a message and policies. To me the underlying message is that he came from nothing and made himself a leader. He saw his dad once but is becoming something beyond anything he had experienced to take the world closer to where it should be.

This is a shitty thing to say but I think McCain is running to appease Cindy who has all this family money and wants to be First Lady. To throw big parties. It’s very Lady Macbeth.

I’m scared. Really and truly.