Pregnancy Chic

I’ve been trying to watch the RNC when I can. It’s painful. Putting issues aside they’re just poor speakers. Like that Seinfeld episode when a comedian said something anti-Semitic and Jerry was asked if he was offended as a Jew. He responded, “No, I’m offended as a comedian.” What I read of Fred Thompson’s speech sounded like he had a few good lines thrown in. It looks like the addition of the VPILF pictured here with her daughter are going to move us away from issues to being whether or not we’re pro-life.

The bad people are pro-choice in this Rove penned play.

Based on my high school experiences when I was 15, I am anathema to all this family first, Western Civlization to hell in a handbasket hooplah. I saw a teen on the subway today. She had a crying child in a stroller she was ignoring much to the other passengers’ chagrin. And she was pregnant. How can this be good?

If we are going to be manufacturing more Americans ran than goods and services to, at best, keep up with the changing global market, we should produce better educated parents. Otherwise we will be fostering a growing divide that is breeding an internal immigrant society. If you think we can go on without changing this please spend a day at PS 156 in the South Bronx.

On Friday, they had Palin’s pregnant daughter carry Trig on stage with a blanket hiding her pregnancy. Other photos have her sitting behind tables, etc. I wish McCain came back into his maverick self and said, “Oops, I was busy during this vetting process and made a mistake.” I get the feeling 6 more other shoes are going to drop.

There was a time in 2000 when I thought I would seriously vote for McCain. I have a loyalty streak in me that is repulsed by his tenuous relationship with Bush, Rove, and their acolytes. I’m saddened when I see Laura Bush. She looks like she’s had some work done and very wistful. Maybe the look is caused by the work. I saw a picture of Laura with Palin and Cindy McCain. It didn’t look like they really liked each other but tolerated each other with Southern Hostility, that seething blend of pleasantry and passive aggression. You get a sense Laura is so grateful this shit is almost over. She’ll be in Dallas and be able to read books undisturbed. Hopefully, she’ll Petmake sure her husband’s library isn’t a total embarrassment with just a copy of My Pet Goat and The Holy Bible.