Real Batsignal

I went Thursday night to sit in Brooklyn Bridge Park and look at the lights from World Trade Center. I wasn’t here when that terrible event happened. I know a lot of people who were, including a couple of people who in the buildings or in the immediate area.

I’ve stopped by every year on the anniversary as a way of connecting and paying my respects. Also, to see what progress we’ve made and to put a little energy toward a better future. In ’02, there was a lot of reverence. Last year was a nasty disaster of groups screaming at each other for accountability.

Knowing both the candidates would be down there and fearing there would be madness, I waited until 10pm to make my way to DUMBO and go between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. There was a small group of people there. Some were taking pictures or chatting with others.

I sat on a rock and looked at how high the lights went up to the clouds, which were at the right height to create a floating ceiling for them to touch. Sometimes they’d float and open up again. A few planes few by in the background and I felt a lump that reminded me of the bigger anxiety that’s been pushed away after years.

I’m glad they put those lights up. It feels spiritual and a good thing to me. Some people may hate them but I think they should be the candle in the window until the wars are done.