Ike Sorbet

I know the race is going to turn into limbo game of silliness and insanity. Watching this latest round of weather news related to Hurricane Ike, I hope we can move past the personalities and get down to issues, policies, and where the country is going. Use this time to clear the first news cycle after the conventions to roll up the sleeves and get to it.

After the Charlie Gibson interview, it’s clear the Republicans did not vet Sarah Palin well enough. Granted, she’s attractive and hits the right buttons with the conservative base but she isn’t qualified to make good decisions. She isn’t informed. Anyone saying no one-meaning average people-knows what the Bush Doctrine is, makes it clear this is all about WINNING. No matter the cost. They are celebrating her lack of knowledge. Big mistake. After 8 years of stupidity, we need to have smart leaders or we’re sunk. America is in debt. Bad debt. We will become China’s bitch.

She got angry with Gibson on several occasions. You could see her wanting to fire him as she does with anyone who causes problems for her. Then she realized she couldn’t so she bent on a few answers. Stem cell research, whether global warming is caused by what humans have done to the world, and the pipeline.

This is where it gets interesting. Palin and McCain disagree. She says she’s going to change his mind to her way of seeing things.

That will not go over well. There’s one thing the “Maverick” won’t like: being told what’s what by an upstart woman. I think she will jump the shark by being too much in the spotlight. He knows this is his last shot.

In my Hollywood version, she mouths off to him and he slaps her. Not publicly but somewhere where she is embarrassed. She plots and then gets him bumped off the bill before the November 4th elections.

This will be the pot calling the kettle black by me but there’s the unwed teen pregnancy. Believe me, I know it happens but I think the elected officials should be held to a higher standard. They aren’t stand-up comics or race car drivers, for God’s sake. They aren’t “regular people”. The Bush girls got a little wild but they didn’t come home like that. People get in trouble but it is unseemly that one of our leaders.

Would Bristol have a real choice if her Mom weren’t in the spotlight? Would Track need to be sacrificed?

Dee Dee Myers said Sarah Palin is a Rorschach test. If you are disposed to like or hate her, you get more of it as she speaks. I’m reminded of Sinclair Lewis saying, “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.” I look at the shadow blob she is as Mussolini with lipstick. I am frightened and enraged.

Craig Ferguson gave an inspired monologue on his show the other night. He said the press needs to stop trying to make themselves famous and chase ratings. They need to report the news. People are dying at the same time others are losing their homes. Leave the entertainment to John Stewart and others on a channel called Comedy Central and report the news. Hold all the candidates to higher standards and don’t let them get away with spin, nonsense, lies, name calling, or other nonsense.

Now, Mr. Obama won against Alan Keyes by running a clean campaign. This isn’t going to work here. You have to be more creative. It’s time to do the dozens on McCain. Give him a couple of bad nicknames and come up with some inspired bumper sticker slogans and the White House is yours.