Blackerry Crackberry

My friend and my co-Associate Artistic Director at Core Theatre Co, Jen Katz, gave me a hard time because my Blackbery sent emails had “Sent via Blackberry by AT&T” or whatever it said. She said I seemed like a tool. So now that's gone. No one will know where the messages and emails are coming from. Am I at home or the park? Or am I emailing from NASA? I've added a 4th email. I've synched to my Microsoft Mail. I've downloaded my Google calendars to my desktop. Wiped my Ipod for new music. And went to the gym.

Now to counteract this I'm watching a 3-hour black and white French film about a mime on IFC.

By the way, this is my first entry I've emailed to blogger. Also, it's been written on the Crackberry. Now I can blog on public transportation or if I get trapped on an elevator.