Keepin’ It on the Road

That’s my good friend from middle and high school, Roland Hanes. He was the bass player in my band, Freddy Kruger and the Elm St. Band. The phrase “brother from another mother” only comes close. I think our souls were sitting on the same bench waiting to find a human form when we first met. Ironic since I spent many hours sitting on the j.v. soccer bench while he started. He also was a damn good kicker on the Red Raiders football team. We reconnected recently and we talk now and again as he drives rigs all over the country. Tonight we talked his way through most of Georgia as he headed towards St. Augustine.

One my favorite exchanges/life lessons with Roland happened in eighth grade. I sat behind him for a couple of periods that, as I recall, bookended lunch. He happily sat down with a big bag of Peanut M&Ms.

“Hey Roland, can I have an M&M?”


“Come on. Just one M&M.”


“I’m your best friend. ONE measly M&M. Pleeeeeease.”

“Look. Friendship’s friendship but food is food.”