Bidening the Gap

I sometimes can’t help making these pun titles. I see the tabloid newspapers’ covers each day. So the debate was pretty good tonight. There was a lot more put on the table. Well, by Biden anyway. I wondered what 2012 would look like earlier today and a pundit said it out loud. Palin will run for President.

Now here’s another crackpot scenario. What if she throws this election just enough to lose it? This way she could have a clearer shot at the top of the Republican ticket in four years. People eat her up. This would give her time to distinguish herself and study up on all that foreign policy stuff. She was articulate and she’s able to handle the material she has memorized. She doesn’t have a lot of demonstrative critical thinking skills. Fortunately for her, the base doesn’t require that. In fact they fear that.

I’m not going to totally write this election off in favor of Obama but things are turning. This bailout is a mess. I watched the video called Money as Debt. I have to watch it again. My head is still spinning from it. Money means nothing. It has no value other than what people have assigned to it. We’ve been spinning away from money actually having value for hundreds of years. The banks create money through the loans we take out. So the economy is fueled by debt. We have to have debt in order to create new money. It is so backwards from what I thought I knew.