All Hat & No Moose

I took the book out of my jacket last night. Can't bring myself to listen my Ipod. The din of idle chatter and the clacking of the conducter's hole punch is met with various horrible ringtones that some meaning to the owner but shows a lack of taste to the pedestrian victim.

Seacaucus station. I know parts of NJ are scenic. This part looks like Robert Moses hell. Wait, here's some water. I'm going to more coffee in Trenton.

Newark is growing on me when I go out to NJ PAC, which is off to my right. I'm drinking Vitamin water. It's more exciting than water but kind of a let down. There should be a legal age for sweets and soft drinks. Of course that would be really hard to regulate and it would put a lot of big industries on the ropes. There's a movie there. I call dibs.

I've been thinking more about the veep debates. That pulled in 70 million viewers. That's 12 more than the Presidential debates and 30 more than the biggest nights of the Conventions. The Republicans have their star puppet. They will just have to figure out how to assuage her lust for power. Making her President won't be enough. The thing I haven't heard was how they handled the in-between moments. She looked miffed she would have to reshuffle her notes. Joe would smile the biggest grin when she said her insults. Man his teeth were neon white.