More things

The posters for the movie Saw 4 in the subway stations are gross. I remember being freaked out by the first Aliens poster When I was a kid. It was just that creepy egg with cracks and light coming out of it.

I was eating dinner at Tai Thai on Bedford Ave. In Williamsburg last night. Less than mediocre summer rolls and and ok Veg Pad Thai with $2.50 can of Miller Light. No glass. I'm working hard to read the copy of NYT I got when I arrived at work that morning. Richard Marx came on the satellite radio and the hostess kept forgetting I was occupying the little 2 top and trying to put couples there. I don't know if people are running heat this week. It really isn't cold enough yet. I felt like winter wanting to jump ahead of fall but the leaves haven't fallen yet.

I become more of a New Yorker each time I feel anger at a.confused tourist holds up the closing of the train's doors. The vitriol gets closer and closer to the tip of my tongue.

People wandering around me on the 4th St platform are freakin' my shit out. They're wobbling around and muttering like the zombies in the Thriller video without the dance moves. Here comes the A train on the local track.