I can see the Statue of Liberty from where I'm standing right now. She looks bigger than usual. I must eating more carrots. Actually I've been eating more green beans. They make clean crunch in my teeth. I know when I'm eating fresh green beans from that sound.

I'm really late down to Philly. I couldn't wake up today. I've had weird allergies all week. Some days it is difficult to get moving. I hope it isn't gluten. I've been trying not to think about that but I think I need to take that allergy test. The dumb lug guy in me thinks it's fine for others to have that but it would be a sign of weakness in me. Consigned to a life of salads and bringing my own special dressing.

On weekdays, you can never get a G train from here. On weekends, the F is a fickle lover. By fickle I mean it keeps F-ing me up. F-ing F train. Oh, here it is.