Zip Zap Zop

I should just get off my nickel and buy a teleporter. I hustled upstairs to the nice but nasty restroom then turned around and busted it back down to the platform to buy tickets in the vending machine. SEPTA tix to Philly have to be purchased upstairs at the ticket booth just past the nice but nasty restrooms. Now I'm on the train that doesn't exactly take me to where I'm going. I thought the SEPTA went Alleghany. Oh well. I'll have a nice walk in Philly.

Next time I'll do zipcar and hopefully take a few more people with me. I'm a good driver. We could do sing-a-longs or the Alphabet Game. That little driving game can be a bloodsport. Lots of fun. We can stop at a Wawa. Jesus, I'm going out of my mind. I'm writing this as if someone would actually read it.